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Unclaimed Treasures

You may have unclaimed treasures just waiting for you!  If you are one of the people who has unclaimed money in your name, then we want to find you.

Tennessee Treasures is working with the Tennessee Department of Treasury to help match you with your unclaimed treasure.  The State of Tennessee receives unclaimed money each year.  You may have money waiting for you with the state and not even know it.  You have to know that there's money there for you to pick it up.  Right?  Tennessee Treasures is trying to help get this money to their rightful owners. 

Each week, we will feature new listings of names with people who have unclaimed property.  If you see your name, then go to our Unclaimed Treasures page to follow the steps for finding your lost money.  In addition, there are helpful video segments to give you more information about the Treasury Department and Unclaimed Property.


Mansker's Station

See the place early travelers might have booked a room for the night and visit the home of a distinguished local family.  In Goodlettsville, in the Nashville area, Mansker’s Station and the Bowen Plantation House are waiting for you. 

Mansker’s Fort

There was a time when settlers built forts with high walls to protect themselves from Indian attacks.  In 1779, during the Revolutionary War, Kasper Mansker, a long hunter like Daniel Boone, brought his family to today’s Goodlettsville and built Mansker’s Station next a creek now named for him.  


Tennessee Treasures Magazine

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Discover a great wealth of information that will provide your family with many hours of relaxation, fun, laughter, discovery and exploration! 
sign up here to receive your subscription of  6 issues for $24. You can also pick up Tennessee Treasures magazine at many of the local bookstores across the state.  Bookstores where you can find Tennessee Treasures include Davis-Kidd, Barnes & Noble, Bookstar, Borders, and Books-A-Million. 

Stories from Tennessee

Stories from Tennessee are being selected to appear on America's Treasures. 

And as part of the media collective, there is a special edition of "America's Treasures - Tennessee Edition" which you can see on the America's Treasures website.  To find this special edition, visit
www.AmericasTreasures.tv .   For the special 2010 America's Treasures television shows, one of your favorite Tennessee stories may be selected.  We'll reveal which ones at the end of the summer. 

So check back and we'll tell you more about the stories that you can find in the 2010 shows.


Our Host... Vicki Lea

Tennessee Treasures ™ Magazine is published quarterly and is available by subscription.

We enjoy sharing our explorations and discoveries of Tennessee with you!  Traveling across the state, we’ve uncovered the treasures in categories of History, Arts, Entertainment, Sports, General Trivia and Geography.

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Trivia about Mansker's Station:

?  A young lawyer named Andrew Jackson was a boarder at the second Mansker’s Station.

?  “He was a great woodsman and a mighty hunter . . . one of the best marksmen I ever saw shoulder a rifle,” said John Carr, a contemporary of Kasper Mansker. 

?  Captain Bowen and his family once fled from their home to Mansker’s Station.


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